DukePipes uPVC SWR Pipe

Best uPVC SWR Pipe Manufacturers Company in India

DukePipes is Leading Certified No1 uPVC SWR Pipes manufacturers company in India. DukePipes are manufacturing of uPVC SWR Pipe with an assurance of quality test.

The uPVC SWR Pipes manufactured by DukePipes Company can be used for both residences and commercial purposes. uPVC SWR Pipe can be used in Water supply for Waste discharge system in residences, commercial complexes,resorts,hospitals,and academic institutes.

Duke uPVC SWR Pipes best for Excellent Abrasion-resistant, and Stronger & longer Lasting. uPVC SWR Pipe is Excellent Chemical and corrosion-resistant. also can Quick and convenient Installation.

Uses of uPVC SWR Pipe

  • Waste discharge system in residences, commercial complexes,resorts,hospitals,academic institutes.

  • An ideal replacement for CI AND GI piping

  • Venting of gases and odours in domestic plumbing

  • Non-pressure industrial drainage application(based on chemical compatibility)

uPVC SWR Pipes Advantages & Benefits?

  • UV Resistance

  • Leak Proof Joints

  • Quick and convenient Installation

  • Excellent Chemical and corrosion resistant

  • Stronger & longer Lasting.

  • Excellent Abrasion resistant

uPVC SWR Pipe Features

  • SWR pipes and fittings with stand high flow rates and due to smooth surface there is no scaling or depositions or choking

  • High degree of accuracy at manufacturing ensures perfect dimensional control

  • SWR pipes and fittings are non-reactive to most acids, alkalis, effluents, salt, minerals etc.

  • Does not support fire and provides good resistance to combustion.

  • PVC-U is anon-conductor of electricity, and therefore is not subject to galvanic or electrolytic action.

Technical Parameters IS:13592:2013

Nominal Diameter Type Effective Length
OD(mm) Wall Thickness
mm inch min max min max
75 2.5" A 3 75.0 75.3 1.80 2.20
75 2.5" B 3 75.0 75.3 3.20 3.80
90 3" A 3 90.0 90.3 1.90 2.30
90 3" B 3 90.0 90.3 3.20 3.80
110 4" A 3 110.0 110.4 2.20 2.70
110 4" B 3 110.0 110.4 3.20 3.80