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Duke Pipes is a reputed brand in the market which has been awarded for the high-quality piping products. We are always consistent and committed towards our work and thus have become a reliable brand name.

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We are Duke

Duke has been one trusted name which has been modifying the world with the convenience of high-quality and reliable piping products. We have been in the industry for many years and in those years we have managed to be one strong name which is dedicated towards their hard work for gaining as many satisfied clients as possible.

We also have a dedicated and committed workforce whose aim is to make the brand globally stronger and internationally more recognized. Besides delivering quality and reliable products, we also focus on unique and innovative solutions to the different needs and requirements of the customers.

Products & Solutions

  • uPVC Casing Pipe
    uPVC Casing Pipe
  • uPVC Column Pipe
    uPVC Column Pipe
  • uPVC Plumbing Pipe
    uPVC Plumbing Pipe
  • uPVC Pressure Pipe
    uPVC Pressure Pipe
  • uPVC SWR Pipe
    uPVC SWR Pipe
  • HDPE pipe
    HDPE pipe

We are the future in the pipe processing industry

Use our quality products and services to experience perfection in a quality manner